Name: Frederik De Vleminck (entrepreneur)

Function: Manager Ufo Research Flanders

Ufologist since: 2014

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Age: 43 jaar

Specialisation: Ufo feeld research

Language: Dutch, French, English

Frederik De Vleminck (born Augustus 24, 1975) is a Belgian amateur ufologist, futurist, peace activist, environmental activist, space activist and way shower. He promotes "conspiracy theories" about global politics and history. Active as steering group member at BUFON, the truth movement, as spiritual disciple and yogi.

Early Life

Frederik grew up in the flemish speaking part of Belgium. Where he graduated in illustrating and advertising. He became interested in ufo' s and extraterrestrial life after having a close encounter as a kid. After starting a nest and while taking over the wheel of the family business he began to critically ask "what is really going on?". He began questioning everything.

Awakening Humanity

Together with a growing group of friends he understood that we are divine beings and as such we are the creators of our universe. That “we” humanity have created our own “apocalyptic” situation by not understanding this very basic of Universal laws. By researching the statistics of the number of people have been killed around the world due to war in the last 10 years he discovered the numbers are overwhelming, not to mention those who have died from lack of food, medicine, shelter, and environmental conditions. 'There are those of us who understand that by removing ourselves from this “fear” that has been created we can and WILL change the world by manifesting a new way of life which is ALL of our Divine Right and takes ALL of our rights into consideration'. He is sure that If the world knew this very “secret” we would surely be able to manifest heaven on Earth including weather conditions, environmentally safe energy, and sustainable living conditions.

Are We Alone

He believes good, bad and neutral extraterrestrials are here on earth from the beginning of time not only coming from another planet, but are also from another dimension, existing on another frequency than our physical world. Frederik thinks that the Universe consists of an infinite number of frequencies or dimensions that share the same space, just like television and radio frequencies. Some people can tune their consciousness to other wavelengths.


Activism against governments and corporations that think that we can continue to kill one another and strip our Planet of her resources before we ourselves become extinct. There is a balance to nature and it appears to that governments learned nothing of our own history..the history of the World. He wants people to realize that all civilizations in all of history there has never been one to survive the quest for power and there has never been one to survive once they consumed their own resources. Frederik is libertarian minded seeking to maximize autonomy and freedom of choice, emphasizing political freedom, voluntary association and the primacy of individual judgment. Desire to rule over others and that willingness to accept rule by force are temptations all are subject to, but in order to establish true liberty for humanity, we must condemn all forms of freedom-violating initiation of force against others and embrace the love and respect for our shared humanity of which we are all capable.

All One

De Vleminck F. one of a great many people who are called "way showers". He did not decide to present himself with this title from the perspective of the ego rather it is a calling that was chosen to answer in order to create a better world for all life on Earth and around. He has chosen to become consciously aware, follow the universal laws, and live his live from his hearts rather than the ego. He as conduit seeks a path of knowledge and understanding in order to increase his awareness and the awareness of those around him. Having chosen to turn himself upside-down from the “reality” he has learned to embrace a new way of thinking and being. Like a "guardian of the new light" having chosen Spirit=Heart in order to put himself into the universal flow of the creator so that he may co-create a new earth and a new way of life that is fair and equal for all habitants of mother Earth. As a "Volunteer soul" he understands that we are ALL ONE and if just one of us suffers we all suffer.

Open Minded And Spiritual

All the universe is made from the divine cosmic light of creation, love. All living beings are the sacred sparks of life. Life on earth is a stage in our evolution says Frederik. There is no dead, every soul moves on to another earthly and/or inter-galactic and/or inter-dimensional life. God is everything that is. The word ' God ' is not only restrictive because the thousands of years long misunderstanding and abuse by religions, but also because it assumes a different entity than yourself. God is being itself, not a being.

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